Electric scooter Kugoo HX Plus Up to 30Km Range with 25Km Speed and 1 Year Warranty

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Kugoo HX electric scooter – 30KM Max Range 25Km Max Speed with 6.5 Ah Panasonic battery

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The KUGOO HX model is a stylish and easy-to-use electric scooter. KUGOO HX easily folds in half and weighs only 13 kg, which makes it easy to carry either in your hands or in a special carrying bag.
The 6.5Ah battery capacity will allow you to travel up to 30 km, depending on your weight and the angle of inclination of the surface, at a speed of up to 25 km/h. Full charging time is 4 hours. The scooter has a backlight and a reliable braking system. This is a truly powerful device that can reach high speeds and withstand heavy loads of up to 120 kg.
This model is characterized by increased durability, so it is ideal for adults who decide to discover active recreation.


6.4AH Panasonic BATTERY


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Description of Kugoo HX

The presented material describes the Kugoo HX electric scooter. This stylish model is designed for city driving. It has excellent build quality. The manufacturer assembled the scooter from reliable materials that are pleasant to the touch. The wires are hidden in the frame and steering column.

Compared to other similar models, Kugoo HX has a removable battery on the steering column. This feature has positive and negative sides.

The advantages of a removable battery include:

  1. The battery will not be flooded with water if the deck is completely immersed in water.
  2. There is no need to worry about the safety of the battery after hitting a curb.
  3. Now you don’t need to connect the entire scooter to the charger. Simply remove the battery and charge it.

If desired, the owner will be able to purchase additional batteries. They can be easily changed in case one of the batteries runs out while on the road. Thus, the travel range will not be limited to 25 kilometers.

The disadvantages of a removable battery include:

  1. The battery can be easily removed without the use of special tools. If a person leaves a vehicle unattended, knowledgeable people can remove and steal the battery.
  2. The external contacts of the battery are almost unprotected, while the internal contacts are perfectly waterproofed. For this reason, riders should not ride in the rain.
  3. If dropped incorrectly, the battery may become deformed

The product package includes:
● Hex key;
● Steering handles;
● Charger;
● Instructions.

The original model of the scooter is available only in black. Having purchased it, the future driver only needs to fix the brake handle by tightening the bolt. After this, the scooter is ready for use.

Battery and rules for its operation

The scooter’s battery is located inside a metal box with covers. It is perfectly waterproofed. The battery capacity is 6.4 Ah. It is assembled from high-current Panasonic elements. Weight is 1.5 kg. Fully charges in 3-4 hours.

You can charge the battery in different ways. Some users recharge through the connector at the steering rack, others remove the battery and charge it separately from the scooter.

The battery is removable and located in the steering column without rubber seals. The convenient location prevents the battery from getting wet, as happens with those located in the deck. Many riders find it convenient to remove the battery, charge it at home, and leave the scooter outside.

Each owner of this scooter should adhere to the rules for using the battery:

  1. Do not expose it to heating at temperatures exceeding +40°C.
  2. The battery cannot withstand temperatures below -10°C.
  3. Charging is permitted only with an original charger.
  4. Even in the absence of use, it is necessary to charge the battery once every couple of months.

The charging connector is located in the bottom cover of the battery.

To remove the battery, you need to fold back the BC screen, turn the cover inside and pull it out, and then pull the strap. The battery will come out of the socket. Reinstalling the battery on the steering column is easy because the inside of the steering column has a guide.

Motor and brakes

The Kugoo HX electric scooter starts smoothly and accelerates quickly. All this happens thanks to the 350W front wheel motor. It is also equipped with a Hall sensor. The declared power is enough to climb to a height with a slope of up to 15⁰, with a rider weighing 65 kg.

The scooter is equipped with three types of brakes. The front wheel has a recuperation brake, which is activated by lightly pressing the trigger. The rear wheel is equipped with a mechanical disc brake. It is activated by pressing the lever firmly. There is also a standard mudguard brake on the rear wheel. It is activated by pressing your foot on the wing.

Disc brake pads fit tightly to the disc. The mechanism works very quickly. To improve braking efficiency, it is necessary to shift your body weight rearward when stopping. The short deck does not allow this to be done comfortably, so the rider should stand on the rear wing.

Deck and Footrest

The deck of this scooter model is made of solid aluminum alloy. On top it is covered with a rubber coating that protects your feet from slipping. Compared to sandpaper, the rubber layer is easy to wash and clean.

The footrest perfectly fulfills its only function. It holds the scooter on any surface. However, when folded, the footrest extends beyond the boundaries of the deck. When driving off high curbs, the rider should be careful not to hit it.

Fenders and wheels

Fenders are installed to protect the legs and deck from splashes from the wheels. Both wheels have inflatable tubeless tires measuring 8.5 inches. The discs are made of aluminum alloy. The tires hold the road well, without getting stuck in holes or when driving on paving stones.

Steering wheel

There is an LCD display in the central part of the steering wheel. On the left side is the brake lever, and on the right side is the accelerator button. There is a bell on the brake trigger assembly that makes a sound similar to a bicycle bell.

On the body of the accelerator key there is an on/off button and a menu. They are designated as (Source) and (Menu). The handles are not foldable, but they can be unscrewed for storage and transportation. The main feature of twist-out handles is that they have no backlash. However, unscrewing them is not very convenient and takes a long time.

The steering mechanism has a reliable design. Inside the column there are industrial rolling bearings. If the owner will service the scooter himself, he will need a 17mm hex key to disassemble the column.

On-board computer, turning on the scooter and LCD display

On the right side of the steering wheel you can see an orange button on which there are two more buttons. To turn on the electric scooter, you need to press the button on the bottom and hold it for a couple of seconds. Once turned on, a beep will sound and the screen will light up.

The LCD display of the on-board computer is quite bright. Even in sunlight, all the information is visible on it. On the screen you can see data regarding battery charge, current speed and the set speed mode.

The Source button is responsible for turning the scooter on and off. However, you need to switch speeds using the Menu button. Double clicking on it turns on the light. Simultaneously pressing Menu and Source launches the settings menu on the bookmaker. You can also connect to the scooter using an application installed on the owner’s smartphone. The connection takes place via Bluetooth.


There is a small LED headlight on top of the steering column. It illuminates the road perfectly, despite its small size. The rear fender is equipped with a side light, which acts as a brake light. When the scooter stops, the headlight flashes. In addition, there are special reflective stickers on the rear and front forks.

Folding Mechanism

To fold the steering column, turn the locking ring, pull back the locking tab, and press the steering column against the deck by pressing the handlebars onto the fender. In order to unfold the scooter, you will also need to press the wing, raise the stand, press the tongue against the steering wheel and turn the locking ring in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, the handles cannot be folded.


The controller is located under the battery in the head tube. This way it is protected from moisture. However, it lacks waterproofing. If the owner plans to ride in heavy rain, he needs to take care of improved waterproofing.


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